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Pink Limited

PINK Limited is a company based in Kenya under number C84814. Pink Ltd. is esparate from OKE Foundation, but there is a close cooperation. The "Little Angels" from the nurseryfor example may play for free on the Pink Ltd. compound, courses organized by the OKE Foundation can use the facilities of Pink Ltd. at a reduced rate, or is free if it concerns sponsored students.
Students who cannot stay at home are allowed to stay on the premises of Pink Home Ltd., in exchange they help with maintaining the grounds. A relationship with mutual advantages.



The responsibility of the business (Ltd.) is limited to a relatively small investment.
It is not the intention to make profit. Any surpluses are reinvested in the company itself or projects, including projects of OKE Foundation.

Under the umbrella of PINK Ltd. local activities can be organised without a license. There have been consultations with the Chief of the Kericho district because PINK Ltd. Compound (called Maraboi) is based there. There were negotiations with the (former) Investment Promotion Centre in Nairobi.

At the moment, there are ten people employed by PINK Ltd.
If there are many guests people from the area are employed on a temporary basis.