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Bert and Marijke Rieks have become involved in adoption (1975) and later in financial sponsorship from the Association Wereld Kinderen (1977). After several years of activity and a slowly increasing number of sponsors they decided to visit 'their' project in 1982, an orphanage in Ahero, Kenya.
The first visit to Kenya was quite an experience. They soon found that sponsoring children is a good thing, but that this is only a temporary solution. After completing training, young people often had great difficulty finding a job.

Thus arose the idea to create work through the construction of holiday homes. Europeans can (temporarily) live in Kenya, while sharing their knowledge with the local community and at the mean time provide employment for the local population.

OKE Foundation was founded in April 1997. The goals are the sponsoring of students and on the other hand the creation of jobs. OKE Foundation requested ANBI status in 2007. After a meeeting with the IRS, it became clear that creating employment through the construction of holiday homes can be not only a good cause, but also seen as commercial. This has led to a separation on January 1st. 2008 where PINK Limited emerged from.
- OKE Foundation for charities such as the sponsorship of school children, pre-school, assistance and information to pregnant women, et cetera.
- PINK Limited for the provision of employment in Kenya by helping implement projects and for constructing, marketing, and taking care of and rental of holiday homes.